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April 11, 2019


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Succulents for your Home

Succulents are really in today because they are not easily damaged andvery beautiful to look at. Based on its definition, a succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy water storage organs. Succulents can store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. They can be mostly located in desert areas hence this feature helps them survive in arid conditions. Interestingly, this adaptive mechanism is the reason why we have unique succulent leaf forms like paddle leaves, tailing columns of leaves in the shape of teardrops, and very tight rosettes. The most common succulents to be found in various areas are cacti. Familiar plants such as agave and aloe also belong to this family. Because they are so lovely and easy to maintain, succulents are often used inside the home or workplace. If you are planning to grow healthy succulents in your home, then don’t hesitate to click for more information on this website.

Succulents prefer bright light so always make sure that it gets a lot of sunlight. Pay attention to the leaves for any indication that the light level is correct or not. There are actually some species that will get scorched under too much sun. If your succulent is displaying brown to white leaves, soft tissues that can be easily destroyed, then it is absolutely scorched. In contrast, widely spaced leaves and an elongated stem indicates that the succulent is not getting enough sunlight as it tends to “reach out” for the sun. One great solution for this dilemma is to put it under proper lighting and prune the plant back to its original shape.

Believe it or not, succulents are more attuned to cold temperatures. Nights in the deserts are usually cold, so succulents are also expected to withstand that along with the blazing heat during daytime. Hence, it should not be a problem if you also experience very cold temperatures.

In the summer, succulents should be watered generously. However, the potting mix should be allowed to dry first before watering it again. Cut down the watering rounds when winter hits since the plants go dormant in this time. Soft plants and discoloration often indicates that you are overwatering your plants. Meanwhile, underwatering can often leave your plants to stop growing before shedding the leaves.

The potting mixture used for succulents are very specific since they drain water very fast. Adding an inorganic agent such as perlite to your normal potting mixture will also do the trick.

If you think you are ready to have succulents in your home, there are a lot of succulents for sale online such as on the Harddy site. However, always make sure to transact with authentic stores like the Harddy online store.